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A delicious meal is as simple as good work, but a wholesome experience is what I crave to create. There’s no doubt about the kitchen and social media existing as my happy places. Fueled by passion and curiosity, both serve as creative outlets that share similar processes from strategizing and execution to community building and fellowship. Though they are places of comfort, both present challenges to create and elevate palpable experiences higher than the last. As a creative and strategist, there are a multitude of approaches I take to executing my craft. Take a stroll through my creative process in the video above, What I Bring to the Table, A Recipe for Success as Brand Knew’s Marketing Strategist

The kitchen table culture at Brand Knew resonates so strongly with me, as the kitchen table is a place for meaningful conversation, human connection, encouragement, and presents opportunities to genuinely invest yourself into others. My professional utopia is collaborating with those that own their role while learning from, and supporting each other to create an unimaginable experience for clients. The more I have absorbed Brand Knew and the people over the past few months, the more my professional utopia has truly become reality. 

With any project, I take a thorough deep dive of the client’s brand as if it were my own, to envision and understand their goals. Whether the goal is conversions, engagement or growth, I’m focused on achieving these goals in the most creative and effective ways possible. With any task, preparation and organization are priority in the planning stages, just as they are in the kitchen. Often, we face challenges whether they’re resolving creative blocks or meeting immediate last-minute deadlines as symbolized by the water boiling over in the video. In situations such as these, I swiftly find restorative solutions and seamlessly proceed. As my experiences and skills continue melding in this intangible pot that is my career, I’m constantly absorbing the world around me to bridge the unimaginable to unforgettable experiences at your fingertips. Whether it’s a digital campaign or an delectable meal, I stand two steps ahead in creating these experiences that leave people wanting more. 

While my skills and experiences embody the recipe for success as the Marketing Strategist at Brand Knew, the measurements presented in the video do not reflect any specific amount of these qualities [except for the wine, of course!] With proven records of growth from brands and clients across various industries, I approach social with confidence but also willingness to learn and implement new strategies. The environment in which I envision my professional utopia fosters growth, creativity and collaboration, all which live within the Creative Collective that is Brand Knew.  The committed people, collaborative culture and diverse portfolio at Brand Knew inspires me to continually push my capacity in all areas, but also to be still, listen and learn from thought leaders and experts to collectively make an impact in this industry. 

Bon appetit! Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration for this position! 


Director, Producer, Chef – Jenni Aceret
Camera, Audio, Editing – Samuel Garcia



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