Coronavirus Escape | Sierra National Forest

Amidst a global pandemic, justice protests across America, toilet paper shortages and trying to remember what I had for dinner last night has caused myself and I’m sure many others boredom, confusion and mental distress…

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Portlanding for the Weekend

Ever lose a best friend? Well I haven’t… but mine is doing amazing things 3500 miles away in Japan so I suppose I’m halfway with you on it. Fun fact: her name is Shizuku, which…

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Connecting in Colorado

I found myself at the very depth of his heart, for the first time in my life. Talking ‘til sunrise, we suddenly rushed to pack for a 6am flight to Colorado. What was originally planned…

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Chillin’ at Corral Canyon

Corral Canyon is easily one of my favorite places to be in the Santa Monica Mountains. While you get phenomenal views of the coastline just on your way up, the scenery is breathtaking when you…

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$300 Round Trip Flight to Europe

On any casual day, you open Instagram to see your friend’s passport and with brand new shoes and luggage in the background at LAX. A few posts down, someone else is on an elephant in…

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