Recipe | Shakshuka for the Soul

Shakshuka is quintessential for breakfast or brunch and is so easy to make! It requires pantry staples and comes together in minutes. A North African delicacy artistically composed of fresh eggs poached in a…

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My Favorite Mac & Cheese

There’s something about ooey gooey mac and cheese that just gets me going. Let’s be real, although I love documenting the stretchiest cheese pulls from glutinous dairy delights across the globe, I grew up on…

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Portlanding for the Weekend

Ever lose a best friend? Well I haven’t… but mine is doing amazing things 3500 miles away in Japan so I suppose I’m halfway with you on it. Fun fact: her name is Shizuku, which…

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Livin’ My Best Life at Bestia

Bestia (beast in Italiano), sits comfortably in Downtown’s very own Arts District, tucked away with all of its chic restaurants and cafes. Bestia chefs and power couple, Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis take an approach on rustic Italian,…

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Eating My Passion

This summer I’ve been afforded the unique opportunity to work as a marketing intern at Modern Luxury magazine in Beverly Hills! While publishing and editorial weren’t initially on my radar, I couldn’t be happier with…

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