Moving at Murphy Ranch

You may or may not have heard of Los Angeles’ own Nazi campground. To some, it is means of historic, American white-supremacist activity. To others, it’s merely a super cool nature walk with a bunch of stairs and graffiti. While it is a sight to the eye and a serious sweat on your bum, this place does hold some history that I think is worth mentioning. In a nutshell and from my understanding from the dreadful Wikipedia and Huffington Post, Murphy Ranch was built by Winona and Norman Stephens, and owned by a man named Jessie Murphy back in 1933. Originally built for sustaining long periods of Nazi schemes, it was raided and shut down by the feds in 1941, the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. As of 2016, it’s owned by the City of Los Angeles.

Ever heard of an artistic way to workout? Me neither! Rather than saying nature is art, or art is nature, you can enjoy both here as its own, as you partake in HUNDREDS of steps to the ever-changing exterior of Murphy’s furnishings. Beware: this trek starts downhill [or should I say downstairs], which means you’ll be busting your butt coming back up! I suggest going up and down the stairs a few times after checking out all of the works and taking in the stillness of your surroundings. Yep, there aren’t a million people on this trail blasting music or lighting up; just the few early-morning adventure seekers who appreciate health and history!

Get ready for sore calves and sun-kissed skin; the [so-damn-close-to-a-90-degree-angle] steps lead you to a remote, relaxing and rewarding hangout spot. Sun bathe with the hundreds of lizards rummaging in the side-brush or check out all Murphy Ranch has to offer. The deconstruction is so satisfying, as are the sounds of stepping on the shattered clay roof bits. I spent a focused 60 seconds stepping back and forth on them because I just couldn’t get enough.

We approached a rusty, deteriorated ladder which you should definitely climb with caution. It takes you to the upstairs of a building, which seemed to have doors leading to who knows where. Try not to get sucked in by the acid-influenced messages tagged around you. I was a bit skeptical about standing on the wood that I could easily break through, but shoutout to the Stephens for using some sturdy wood!

Apparently there are two ways to get here, and I’ll spill the shortcut deets! The address to the concrete road is:¬†Sullivan Fire Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. I suggest finding a spot in the residential area off of Casale Rd., or anything nearby! Google/Apple maps take you up a super long route of walking to reach the actual stairs. Spare yourself the unnecessary energy, you’ll need it later!

You’ll want to walk up the concrete road for quite a bit, ’til you reach an opening in a fence [to your left] which is where the stairs start. From there you’re free to explore! The trail does lead to the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, which then leads to many others. Along the way you’ll get some coastal views, and unintentionally stalk rich peoples’ backyards. Don’t worry, there’s far better sights to see that await you!

As always, bring plenty of water. It’s your choice to do the stairs multiple times, but you might as well get a workout in while you’re there! Either way, coming up those stairs is a guaranteed booty-burner. If you end up at Murphy Ranch from this post, strike your victory pose and tag #SweatySaturdays on Insta! Thanks for reading, cheers!

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The beginning!

Peep the clay roof shingles making music to my ears as I twisted on them.

I can imagine the mosquito bites I’d get sleeping here!

I’m an adult I promise

“Walk through the gateway and join me”

Perhaps it was a door-sized window?


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