Remington Hot Springs

You’ve heard this plenty of times before but I’ll say it again without a doubt, there is nowhere as amazing as California. From the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, mountain scapes and deserts, there’s something here for anyone seeking adventure. Lucky for me, Los Angeles is nestled between many of California’s hidden gems, near enough for day trips and far enough to escape the city. As we approach our few winter months, outdoor hobbies change as the air grows brisk and I’ve found balance between both at Remington Hot Springs in Lake Isabella! 

Whether a hot or cold day, you can find the best of both worlds in the soaking pools at Remington Hot Springs! Along the rushing Kern River, you’ll hike down to find three pools in three different sizes and temperatures for soaking. The smallest rectangular pool fits 1-4 people and is the hottest of the three pools. There is also a round medium sized pool, comfortably fitting 5-8 people and is super warm. Lastly, there is a giant round pool that fits roughly 10 people and is the coolest of the three, but still warm enough to keep you toasty! If you need a break from soaking, feel free to swim in the river when it’s safe or there are plenty of rocks for sitting around. Sometimes, cooling off in the river gets a little nippy so you can hop right back into the pools to defrost! If you plan on staying for a few hours (which you should) I highly recommend bringing lots of water, snacks and drinks. Relaxation drains you, especially after soaking, swimming and hiking. Don’t forget, the hike down in the beginning means uphill on the way back! You’ll definitely need a few sips of water after. 

Although these are completely natural hot springs with mineral rich water, the pools themselves are a true form of craftsmanship. Pay attention to the details in the pool, it’s such a delight to see the effort and love that was put into building these for true lovers of nature. Word is, these natural soaking pools are some of the cleanest in the country. That’s because some amazing locals volunteer their time each week to clean the pools, for all of us to enjoy. I had the pleasure of meeting these fine folks as well. One sunny Wednesday afternoon, I ran into the locals while they were cleaning the pools. They were some of the most friendly people and each had conversations with us while they were cleaning. Keep in mind, clothing is optional here (at least when the rangers aren’t around) and some of the locals and visitors are nude. To some this may bother, but I just look beyond it and enjoy the breathtaking nature around me! As we waited for the pools to be cleaned, we asked if we could help in any way. They asked us to preserve this area as much as possible, making sure to pick up our own trash and any others’ we see along the way. If you do visit Remington Hot Springs, please be respectful practicing Leave No Trace, and bring a trash bag to pack out your own garbage, as well as any others’ trash that may wash up or get left behind. 

How to get to Remington Hot Springs

  • Remington Hot Springs is located off of Kern River Canyon Road, off of the 178 from Bakersfield or Lake Isabella Road from Lake Isabella. 
  • The dirt parking lot is located on the north side of the road. 
  • A simple Remington Hot Springs Trail map search on your phone should lead you there! 
  • Coordinates – Latitude 35.5764 Longitude -118.5529

Finding the pools

  • Hike down the east side of the parking lot until you see wooden rails. 
  • Follow the rails down or ask people around how to get there
  • There will be a single, cool to the touch pool a few minutes down on the left of the trail. 
  • Once you see that, you’re headed in the right direction! Feel free to hop in this pool, but the other three are much more worth your while!

I hope you check out this true California gem! Please share this post with your closest nature-loving friends and let me know what you think of it! Subscribe to my blog below to be the first to know about more places like Remington Hot Springs and say hello on Instagram @jenaceret 🙂 Happy soaking! 



  1. charlexi
    July 10, 2022 / 10:36 am

    i love your travel blogs! it’s only a 2hour trip from LA! I’m curious, is this a good place to go during the summer when it’s 90F+ with your pups?

    • jenaceret
      July 10, 2022 / 12:22 pm

      Thanks Yenifer! Absolutely! The river is right there so you can hangout in the larger, cooler pools and then take a refreshing dip in the ice cold river. It can move quickly depending on the season, so i’d keep the pups on a harness if they aren’t strong swimmers.

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