Quarantine Cooking | Pizza

Myself, and I’m sure many others, have taken up more hours in the kitchen with so much free time on our hands during the Coronavirus pandemic. Experimenting with yeast and proteins, setting the table to take photos (phone eats first, of course) and still wondering if a sweet potato is a dang yam; yep! While I’ve tried tons of new recipes, there’s one that I just seemed to have nailed, today actually! And that recipe is, pizza.

After countless batches of piping hot 10″ failures, I gave up on trying to make my own dough. I targeted local pizza shops and bakeries in Marina del Rey who may have some kickin’ pizza dough for sale, because truthfully there was not a single ounce of hope that I was going to try again on my own! I shamelessly tried a few restaurants’ dough, and while I set my expectations low because they’re baked in an average gas range, they still seemed not even close to how I know they should have turned out!

Welp, today is a new day and I figured why not ask the bakery with the best pizza, Lodge Bread Co. in Culver City! I’ve had their pizza (and bread) numerous times and fall in love more each time. I picked up 3 pre-made doughs which come oiled in plastic containers and label directions. I was so excited, and had a super dramatic photoshoot with them, because I just admired my little pies that much!

If you are on the westside, I highly recommend trying to make your own pizza, using dough from your local pizza shop or bakery! Dough balls run around $3-5. Just ask the restaurant what temperature to bake at and for how long (it varies from each restaurant and dough!) Then, gather all of your toppings!

Today, I used Lodge Bread Co. sourdough pizza dough, Cento Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Angelo & Franco Fresh Mozzarella, Soppressata from Sorrento Italian Market, Whole Foods Uncured Pepperoni, Tutto Crushed Calabrian Chilies, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and freshly grated Whole Foods Parmesan.

Try it for yourself and let me know how it turns out! Scroll down to see the video of me making the pizzas! 🙂


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