What I Bring to the Table | DCI | Brand Knew

A delicious meal is as simple as good work, but a wholesome experience is what I crave to create. There’s no doubt about the kitchen and social media existing as my happy places. Fueled by…

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Remington Hot Springs

You’ve heard this plenty of times before but I’ll say it again without a doubt, there is nowhere as amazing as California. From the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, mountain scapes and deserts, there’s something here…

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Quarantine Cooking | Spring Rolls

As this pandemic continues into another season, I’ve been in such a cooking rut lately. I had no motivation, and have been eating out constantly. Perhaps it’s been my busy schedule getting the best of…

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Quarantine Cooking | Air Fried Chicken Wings

A long hike in Topanga Canyon ought to make you hungry, especially in this scorching summer heat! I planned an exciting, yet simple meal of wings, veggie sticks and sweets for my friends and I,…

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Quarantine Cooking | Pizza

Myself, and I’m sure many others, have taken up more hours in the kitchen with so much free time on our hands during the Coronavirus pandemic. Experimenting with yeast and proteins, setting the table to…

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