Preset Installation Guide

Hi there and thanks so much for purchasing my Preset Collection! Before you start editing, there are a few steps to tackle (they’re easy, I promise!) and you’ll be on your way to a GORGEOUS Instagram feed! You can do this directly from your phone or desktop/laptop. Please note that all photos are unique so you might have to tweak each picture a bit due to lighting, colors, composition etc. Not to fret though, you can watch my editing tutorial to get a general idea of how to tweak your pictures using my Wanderlust Presets. But first, let’s get you set up with Lightroom Mobile! 

1. Download Adobe Lightroom from the App Store or Google Play

The Lightroom Mobile app is completely free and will be what you use to edit with the Wanderlust Presets. You do not need a paid Adobe Creative Cloud account to use these presets!

2. Download the zipped files from the order confirmation page or email

I’ve allowed two downloads for your presets, just in case you lose the first download! You can download to a desktop but I highly recommend downloading directly on your phone because it skips a few steps!

If you still have your order confirmation page open (directly after your purchase) you can download directly from there. If you’ve already closed out that page, not to worry! In your confirmation email, you will find a second download link. Simply click download and this pop up will appear.

  • Click download and it should take 2-3 seconds to download.
  • In the top right corner, click on the upside down arrow in a circle, and select the zipped folder named “Wanderlust-Collection”

  • Click on the zip file and a folder will appear, containing the 9 presets
  • Click on the folder to reveal the 9 presets

3. Save the presets to your photos

Preset files are .DNG files, so they contain all of the data and editing settings you’ll import into the Lightroom app. 

  • Press select in the top right corner and be sure all 9 files have been selected
  • Click the Share button in the bottom left corner of your screen and press “Save 9 images”
  • If you go to your camera roll, the files will appear as white boxes. That means you’re on track and just a few more steps to go! 

4. Open the Lightroom app and import the DNG files from your camera roll

  • To do this, in the bottom right corner click the import button
  • Select “From Camera Roll”
  • Select the first DNG file and the actual image will open

5. Save each DNG file as a preset

  • Now here’s where it gets a little tedious, but it’s the last step and super easy! 
  • You will have to do these steps for each preset, but there’s only 9 so not too bad, right? 😉
  • Click the 3 dots in a circle in the top right corner of your screen 
  • Click “Create Preset” (the 5th menu option)
  • In the first box, name your preset (I recommend using the names I’ve given them which are on each photo. For example, Cool, Fade, Sky, Sun, etc.
  • Just below the Preset name, find ‘Preset Group’ and open the drop down menu by clicking “User Presets v”
  • Select ‘Create New Preset Group’
  • Name your Preset Group ‘Wanderlust’ and click the check in the top right corner. This is the only time you’ll need to make a preset group. For the next 8 images, you’ll just select the ‘Wanderlust’ as the Preset Group
  • Great! You’ve just added 1 of 9 presets to your Lightroom! Only 8 more to go! 😉
  • Now swipe left for the next image, and repeat the steps above for each!

6. Start editing!

  • Phew! Thanks for sticking it out! Now for the fun part, editing! Any time you want to edit a picture (which I hope is always!) simply import a photo from your camera roll to lightroom just like you did for the DNG files, and on your menu bar at the bottom, scroll all the way to the end to find the “Presets” button (it will be 4th to last)
  • Your entire Wanderlust Collection should appear and you can get to editing!
  • Please note that every photo is unique from lighting to composition and colors so you might have to tweak your photos a bit to get the perfect edit. If you need some assistance with editing, watch my free editing tutorial below! 

I would love to see your photos with my presets! Use #GenerationJenPresets or tag me @jenaceret! As always, you can DM me with any questions you have and I’ll get back to you ASAP! 🙂

Watch my FREE editing tutorial