Chillin’ at Corral Canyon

Corral Canyon is easily one of my favorite places to be in the Santa Monica Mountains. While you get phenomenal views of the coastline just on your way up, the scenery is breathtaking when you finally meet your destination. It’s a place of peace, as many people don’t know about it. The directions are also the easiest thing if you have a car– take PCH and turn up on Corral Canyon Rd, and continue aaaaaallllllllll the way up the mountain until you reach a dirt road (about 5-7 miles). Don’t fret, it’s totally drivable, but extremely steep! So if your car is a bit shaky, I wouldn’t recommend using it to come up here. But my tiny Prius C makes it up here, and it’s so worth it.

Along the way, you will notice a few houses, and a street called Lookout Road to your left. A very sweet person has placed a bench with a gorgeous ocean/canyon view for sitting! If you can spot it, please take a little detour; the road wraps right back into Corral Canyon Rd, so you won’t get lost. Once you reach the dirt road at the top of the mountain, continue and park anywhere in the ‘lot’. There are two trails when you arrive, but this trail specifically is in the direction of all of the signs, and not the uphill hike. Consider it more of a very sweaty nature walk, not too much steepness here. The trail goes on and on, but I usually stop and explore the caves and take a stroll around the rock spiral. I first came here 5 years ago, and it warms my heart to see visitors have preserved this area. All exploration is up to you from here. I wish you tremendous luck on your journey! x

P.S. Many people miss much of the scenery because they park too early and take a fire road up. Please don’t park here! Continue to the dirt road and I promise your eyes and soul will be rewarded!

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