Sweaty Saturdays

Let’s be real, we have it all in California. Whether you’re a native or just visiting, this state offers plenty of beautiful beaches, rocky mountains, green forests, central business districts, small towns, and if it’s winter: snow! With all of these options, how can you stay bundled up inside on the weekend?! Put that 9-5 on hold. It’s time to see that sunshine! Saturday is the peeeeerfect day to be outdoors, especially in our perfect weather! Ditch the ice cream and Netflix and get that booty outside on Sweaty Saturdays!

Below is your never-ending guide to Cali’s open adventures or hidden gems in the nooks and crannies of our Golden State! Just click on any one you’d like.

P.S. I’m constantly adding to the list, so keep checking back for new adventures!

Chillin’ at Corral Canyon

Corral Canyon is easily one of my favorite places to be in the Santa Monica Mountains. While you get phenomenal views of the coastline just on your way up, the scenery is breathtaking when you…

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Steepness at Sandstone Peak

This Saturday I visited Circle X Ranch’s very own Sandstone Peak, AKA the highest peak across the Santa Monica Mountains at 3,111 feet elevation. Fun fact: Santa Monica Mountains stretches across a whopping 156,671 acres!…

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Moving at Murphy Ranch

You may or may not have heard of Los Angeles’ own Nazi campground. To some, it is means of historic, American white-supremacist activity. To others, it’s merely a super cool nature walk with a bunch…

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