Recipe | Cauliflower Tacos (Vegan)

It’s no wonder Tuesdays are dedicated to tacos; they are the BEST and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like tacos. When ordering or cooking them myself, I love to mix up the…

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Recipe | Pasta Al Limone

Spring has sprung and I’m ready to indulge in this season’s best, pasta-style! While embracing the freshness of the season, winter temps are still lingering, giving us craveable combinations of savory and light meals. My…

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Recipe | Herby Branzino with Roasted Fingerlings

A quick trip to the farmer’s market this morning inspired tonight’s dinner! It’s always fun to see the unique fruits and veggies in season from local farmers. The first thing I locked eyes with was…

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Recipe | Shakshuka for the Soul

Shakshuka is quintessential for breakfast or brunch and is so easy to make! It requires pantry staples and comes together in minutes. A North African delicacy artistically composed of fresh eggs poached in a…

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My Favorite Mac & Cheese

There’s something about ooey gooey mac and cheese that just gets me going. Let’s be real, although I love documenting the stretchiest cheese pulls from glutinous dairy delights across the globe, I grew up on…

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