A Desert Winter Wonderland

Strange weather comes with no surprise if you live in California. The usual blazing hot winter days or random rainfalls are expected, especially in Los Angeles. Anything below 70 degrees is concerning to our mental health and wellbeing and brings havoc to our light spring and summer wardrobes. This winter season though, just two hours heading east on the 60 freeway, fell a fluffy blanket of snow upon the desert mountains and trees of Joshua Tree National Park. We quickly traded our boho hats for beanies and hit the 60 towards Joshua Tree! 

A completely out of the ordinary two weeks of snowfall throughout Joshua Tree brought in almost 300,000 visitors for some unconventional snowflake selfies. Not all of the National Park was lucky enough to experience snow though. We entered through the west entrance off of Highway 62, which is where the City of Joshua Tree is located. The landscape was breathtaking, not because it was cold, but witnessing snow in the desert is surely a sight to see! Although the weather is starting to warm up already, I can’t doubt we’ll have another outbreak of extremely cold rainfalls, so I’d keep your eyes peeled on Joshua Tree this season for another miracle snowfall.

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